Movers Who Unpack, Too

If you’re moving, it can be stressful. You’re leaving a place that has memories from your past, and you’re going to a new one where you might not know anyone. However, if you plan well enough and choose the right team of professionals, your move can go smoothly.

The first step is to identify what services you need. Some movers only provide packing and moving, while others offer additional services like cleaning, storage, moving containers or freight trailers, car transport, and more. Next, decide how much you’re willing to spend and get estimates from several companies. Keep in mind that you may save money by planning your move during the off-season, which is usually winter.

Are There Movers Who Unpack, Too?

If your full-service mover provides packing, they’ll pack everything for you. Then, they’ll load it onto their truck or your rental and deliver it to your new home. Some full-service movers even unpack items at the destination and reassemble them. This is a great service that saves you from long nights of packing up your belongings and can greatly reduce stress on moving day.

Many movers will also help you declutter before your move, giving you a chance to get rid of things you no longer need or want. They can even give you a cash value for your unwanted items.

Full-service movers will usually include all the packing movers huntsville al and shipping supplies you need in their estimate. This includes boxes, tape, paper, bubble wrap, and furniture blankets. They can also provide a wide range of specialty moving items, such as piano crates and specialized wardrobes. Typically, these services aren’t available from labor-only movers.

It’s important to note that movers are not liable for anything that happens to your possessions while they’re in transit. You can protect yourself by securing insurance from your mover. Federal law requires interstate movers to offer either full-value or released value coverage. Full-value protection pays up to the value of your belongings, while released value covers 60 cents per pound for lost or damaged items. You can also add extra coverage to your policy through the movers’ agency or purchase it from an independent provider.

If you do experience damage or loss during your move, be sure to notify the movers in writing as soon as possible. They must respond within 30 days and resolve the claim in writing within 120 days. If you aren’t satisfied with their resolution, you can file a complaint with the Department of Transportation or in small claims court.