Unique Sightseeing Trips

There’s nothing like the thrill of visiting a destination that’s off the beaten path. From natural wonders that boggle the mind to visionary art projects in the middle of nowhere to historical gems nestled in urban areas, the world is full of unsung, overlooked treasures. These unique sightseeing trips are sure to make your trip a memorable one.

When planning a trip, many travelers start their search for fun things to do and see by visiting local tourism boards and tourist information offices. These offices are a great source for all upcoming events, must-see attractions and off the beaten path activities. They also often offer a wealth of information about the local culture and history, making them an invaluable resource when trying to find an authentic experience while traveling.

If you want to get beyond the main sights and explore a city from a more personal and unusual perspective, consider booking a private tour. These include everything from walking tours to guided hikes and whale watching excursions. These tours usually cost more than a public tour but they can be well worth the extra expense if you’re looking for an exclusive sightseeing adventure.

Another great resource for finding off the beaten path sights and experiences is the website Atlas Obscura, which features a wide variety of secret  and sometimes strange spots around the globe. From a non-profit time travel mart to rippling sand dunes frozen in Arizona rock to a haunted train station with a chandelier, this site is a treasure trove of oddities that are bound to inspire your inner adventurer.

Whether you’re looking for a quirky museum to visit or a scenic day trip, it’s important to check out the reviews of your potential tour company before booking. After all, a single bad review can make or break the success of your trip. To help you avoid this fate, I’ve rounded up the top seven review sites that every tour operator should know about.

Aboard the Cape May Whale Watcher, you’ll skip into the Delaware Bay on a quest for dolphins, humpbacks and finbacks. The knowledgeable captain explains cetacean behaviors like spy hopping and breaching and even promises a free future trip if you don’t spot a whale during your visit!

This gulet cruise in Greece with Peter Sommer Travels Canada Rail Vacations lived up to the company’s reputation for outstanding accommodations, excellent food and an emphasis on culture, archaeology, comfort and camaraderie. The vistas were breathtaking, the clear blue waters mesmerizing and the ancient historical sites enchanting. It’s an experience that I hope to repeat with PST in the near future.