What is a server list on Discord?

Discord is a free messaging and voice chat platform that adds a host of extra features to text or voice chat. Gamers, twitch streamers, communities and many other people use it to build community and share content with each other online. The app offers a variety of channels for users to communicate in, and servers are often dedicated to a specific topic.

To find a server to join, you can search for it on the Discord Discord Servers to join website and browse by categories or popular tags on the main page. Servers are listed with their name, a starred user-review rating and a description. The Discord site also displays whether a server is official, thanks to a green checkmark. Servers may also post their invite links on social media.

Gaming servers are the most common type of Discord server. They offer an ideal way to connect with fellow gamers and get help with a game. Some servers are dedicated to a single game, while others include multiple genres and platforms. There are even Discord servers dedicated to role-playing games, which allow players to take on roles and act out their favorite characters.

Other server types include ones dedicated to music and art. For example, this one is a community for fans of the Andrew Lloyd Webber musical The Phantom of the Opera. The server’s active chat room is a good place to meet new friends who share your love of the musical and its hopelessly devoted heroine.

The app’s home screen displays a list of your friends and any servers you have joined. Clicking on a friend’s name brings up the chat window, where you can start a text or voice chat. You can also start a video call by right-clicking on your friend’s name and selecting the camera icon. A video call can be as small as two people or as large as a group chat with up to 25 participants.

You can also join servers based on your interests, like movies, music, or sports. There are also ones for parents and kids. These are a great way to connect with other parents and children who have similar interests. Some servers are NSFW, meaning they contain violence or adult content and are not suitable for workplaces.

There are plenty of other server types to explore on Discord, including ones for coding and photography. You can also find a server dedicated to memes, which are a huge part of the internet culture. Just remember that you are joining these servers to make friends, so be respectful and polite. Hopefully, you will find the perfect server for your needs.